The Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai is always buzzing with some activity or the other all year round. Their annual festival, Manzar, was a massive success, with some of the most amazing events and pro nights. If you missed out on all the fun and excitement (we feel for you!), here is the after movie! Catch a glimpse of everything that went down at the festival:

After Manzar ’17, ICT is all set to host its very own TEDx! TEDxICTMumbai is being organized independently by the students of ICT, on Saturday, the 8th of April. With this endeavour, ICT plans to inculcate the spirit of sharing ideas, discovering new ways of looking at the way things happen, & promoting the path of innovation among the students.

This time, the theme for TEDxICT is Metamorphose. Through the tales of the speakers, they wish to stimulate a metamorphosis of thought and action. So, here’s a run-down of the intellectual speakers you can expect to watch:

  • Rakesh Shukla – Founder of The Voice of Stray Dogs, an institution that rescues & rehabilitates stray dogs
  • Mohammed Zeeshan – Co-founder of The Climber, a youth-run education start-up
  • Vipul Aggarwal – Serial Social Entrepreneur
  • Prakash Koirala – Author of FINLICO (Financial Literary Comics) & a US Embassy Youth Council Member 2017
  • Pankaj Joshi – Theoretical Physicist
  • Satish & Kimaya Deshmukh – Illusionists & Mentalists
  • Soumya Iyengar – Research Scientist, National Brain Research Centre
  • Zaaria Patni – Who will share with you her story of resolve and undying spirit after being subjected to inhuman physical & mental abuse by her ex-husband
  • Anusua Roy –Proficient dancer in the Manipuri Style of Indian Classical Dance
  • Sridhar Rangayan – Film Maker, Film Festival Director, Activist
  • And finally we come to the most recent addition to the list – Aranya Johar.

Aranya is an eighteen year old poet whose latest poem ‘A Brown Girls Guide To Gender’ went viral on the internet, garnering 1 million views in less than 50 hours. Her poem targeted towards the multiple problems women face in the society has already been translated to various different languages, and is inspiring millions across the globe! She started performing at the age of 13, and is the co-founder of More Than Mics, Throwback Thursdays & Blind Poetry where new & old poets get an opportunity to perform their pieces and meet poets from different parts of the city. But she’s not just a poet; she’s a mental health activist, a feminist & a writer, with a vision to change the way society thinks, and the talent to have her voice heard and felt by anyone who’s ready to listen.

Catch Aranya, and all the eminent personalities who’ve done so much and achieved so much, that we can’t help but get inspired by them, on the 8th of April at TEDxICTMumbai! (And stay tuned, we’ve got some surprises in store!)

By the Editorial Team.