Aranya Johar is a name that many of you will now recognize. She’s the 18 year old who has been inspiring people across the globe with her powerful poetry; who has been forcing people to think about all the things that are wrong with our society, & things that need to be addressed immediately, like mental health and women issues.

Her absolutely stunning poem called ‘A Brown Girls Guide To Gender’ crossed the million mark within 48 hours of its upload. Recently, we gave you another one of her beautifully written pieces, ‘Why Die Young’, which is her take on the topics of suicides and suicide prevention.

Aranya wrote ‘A Brown Girls Guide To Gender’ for Women’s Day. Unsure of her piece, she read it to her family who gave her an extremely positive feedback about it. Since this was the first time she was venturing into the topics of feminism and women issues, she had nothing to compare it with. But when her brother told her that this is what the society really needs to hear right now, even though she may not be happy with it, she decided to go ahead and perform it.

For those of you who STILL haven’t watch this video, here you go:

This young poet also attended her first TEDx recently! She was the youngest person in the room, amongst other eminent personalities coming from varied backgrounds. What she loved about her time at TEDx was that people were there to listen, they were connecting and bonding with her the minute she stepped on stage; it was like a conversation, & a lot of people seemed to connect with her piece.

Ever wondered about what her line of thought must’ve been when she was penning down this poem? Here, she has deconstructed her entire piece, explaining it line by line. Take a look:

Talking about how she feels when she performs this piece in public, this is what Aranya had to say,

I really like performing this piece in public cause I love holding eye contact with people and watch them react to certain parts. For example, the part where I moan, people tend to get uncomfortable. Even though we know that women are objectified and sexualized to such an extent, the minute someone calls it out, is the moment people get uncomfortable about it. It’s also really great cause men smile and nod their head at certain parts, so it’s wonderful to be able to connect with the audience.

With numerous events lined up for this talented poet, we are sure going to be seeing a lot of her, & we will definitely be bringing it all to you!


By the Editorial Team.