Stand up Comedy has definitely taken the college festival scene by storm. This performance art is now being encouraged as well as thoroughly enjoyed by each one and so, we decided to dedicate our next Talent of the Week to a stand up comedian who made us laugh till we cried at the HumourUs Event at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo- Ameya Koushik.

Before we tell you all about how this NIT student got to where he is now, here is his absolutely hilarious act where he talks about being born and brought up in the ‘Friend Zone’ and more:

The first time Ameya did stand up was when he was in the second grade. Back then, it wasn’t known as stand-up comedy, but as a ‘joke-telling contest’. While his grandfather signed him up for the contest and compiled some good jokes along with a parody of a popular song for him, his father trained him in the performance and delivery aspect. Ameya recollects rehearsing for two weeks and hating every minute of it.

I remember feeling relieved on the previous day of the contest that there wouldn’t be any more rehearsals. But when I went on stage and finished delivering the punchline of the 1st joke, I remember how the audience burst out in laughter. I felt so thrilled and powerful at the fact that I could make people so happy. The laughter got longer and louder with every successive joke and I realised that all the painful work that went into rehearsals was totally worth it. Since then, I’ve always loved the stage and making people laugh.

For this young comedian, there is nothing more inspiring and worth treasuring than the audience laughing and enjoying his jokes.


But stand up isn’t the only performing art Ameya has tried his hand at. He also participates in music and theatre competitions. The only college festival he has performed at is Mood Indigo; and has an interesting story to tell about it:

Funnily, I didn’t go to Mood Indigo for stand up. I went there to participate in mono acting which I failed at miserably. So, I decided to give stand up a shot which to my own surprise went very well and I managed to secure 3rd place. 2 years later, I went back to Mood Indigo, this time with more preparation in mono acting but guess what? History repeated itself. I flunked the first round in mono acting but ended up doing well in stand up and securing 3rd place yet again!

Well, we definitely do want more of Ameya and his jokes in the next fest season, don’t you? Let’s hope we bump into him at a lot of fests this year; and don’t worry we’ll be bringing all of his hilarious acts right to your screens!

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By the Editorial Team.