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5 Interesting Things About The Desi Hoppers

Our love for the Desi Hoppers has only grown over time. You may know them through their performances on stage, but that’s just the upper crust. There’s a lot more to this dancing group than just the performances they put up. So, after their super successful & brilliant workshops, we had a very fun & candid conversation with them, where we found out five things you probably didn’t know about the Desi Hoppers! Here they are:

Before They Became The Desi Hoppers

These super talented boys knew each other before they formed the Desi Hoppers. Nimit, Shantanu and Macedon were all in the same college. There was one year difference between the 3; Nimit was in the third year, Shantanu was in the second and, Macedon in the first year. They even used to dance together all the time (this didn’t come as a surprise though!)


Nimit’s Secret Side

According to his buddy and colleague, Shantanu, Nimit isn’t as innocent as he appears to be. He may seem very quiet and shy, but he’s actually very notorious. Who would know this better than his crew!


Winners From The Start

Because of their combined love for dance, Nimit, Shantanu and Macedon used to take part in a lot of fests in college. They even participated in the infamous Xavier’s College fest, Malhar, and ended up winning it.


The Unexpected Result

After their performance at the World of Dance, they were so happy having just given their best that they completely forgot about the prize distribution ceremony. They were almost ready to leave the stadium before somebody stopped them, and the result came as a huge happy surprise to them, where they won not only a trophy and a $5000 cash prize, but also the hearts of the audience.


The Godmother Of The Crew

The Desi Hoppers’ vision of performing at an international level was converted to reality with the help of an unsung hero, Palki Malhotra, the creative head of Dil Dosti Dance, to whom the crew owe much of their fame.


This just a part of their interview, so stay tuned with us for more inside information & fun titbits from the Desi Hoppers!


By the ATKT.in Editorial Team.