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5 Out of The World Acapella Performances

College festivals are the hub of exceptional young talent. Students take to college festivals to showcase a number of skills – dance, music, theatre, comedy and even fashion these days and come together month after month to exhibit their talent. A number of students have stunned is in ‘off-beat’ areas of talent and after bringing to you the six spectacular college beatboxers of last year, it’s now time to look at the 5 Hottest Acapella Performances from 2016.

Acapella, Italian for ‘In the manner of the Chapel’ is music created without using musical instruments. The origin of the art dates back to centuries ago, when religious music composed for music in chapels—which unlike large churches, had no organs—was usually for voices only. Even though a number of people may think of acapella as boring, drab music without beats and rhythm, we’re here to prove you wrong with these 5 out-of-the-world acapella performances from Western Music Groups that we spotted at various competitions. Watch!

These H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai students performed a rather sensational acapella version of ‘Falling in Love’ that even won them the Winners position at the famous St. Xaviers’ College’s Malhar Fest. Not only did they showcase exceptional music talent, but also did a great job with the coordination, harmony and beatboxing.

The girls from the Western Music Society of Jesus and Mary College, Delhi- Echo have been creating a riot wherever they go. When they begin their performance at festivals, everyone knows the showstoppers have arrived. Wondering why we’re saying so? Watch their performance from IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous to know!

Another all-girl group that has been stealing hearts festival after festival is the Western Music Society of Gargi College- Euphony. These girls have been doing an exceptional job showcasing their talent through their production, which is a testament of their hard-work and talent. Here’s their fabulous performance from IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous:

The students of Shiv Nadar University’s Sneuphoria opened with ‘Royals’ and made our hearts race with every passing second. Not only were they great, but also looked like they were thoroughly enjoying their performance—only making us enjoy it a tad bit more too! Here’s the ‘Royal’ acapella piece:

Sri Ram College of Commerce Delhi’s Catharsis is one of our favourites. Not only do they do justice to showcasing their music talent to the fullest but always manage to bring to the stage a fresh, almost-new piece to stage every time they perform. At IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous, the group performed a medley a number of songs- from Sound of Silence to renditions of Coldplay. Here’s what went down!

If you’re amazed as us, you’re probably in the right direction. We’ve got lots more coming—and a number of surprises in store. Make sure you don’t miss out!

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team