The Incredible Acting Workshop At Shaheed Sukhdev College's Raasa -


The Incredible Acting Workshop At Shaheed Sukhdev College’s Raasa

In a classroom, where all the students are expected to maintain proper decorum, what if a teacher come in & asks you to be as notorious and as noisy as you can? Won’t that be a dream come true? Well, that’s exactly what happened at the Shaheed Sukhdev College’s Raasa workshop.

The only difference here was that the students were aspiring artists hailing from different universities in Delhi, & the teacher was Ms. Shivani Tanksale. She of course, had a lot to offer to these students who were striving to achieve something. She has acted in numerous Bollywood moves, advertisements, but theatre is what she lives for. She maintained the integrity and the freshness throughout the 3 and a half hour workshop.


Daksh, a student of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies who was the organiser stated that “What we wanted to achieve we have achieved. We can see the students in the workshop happy and bubbly. Shivani ma’am showed why she is one of the best in the theatre industry. It was really tough to rope her in because of her busy schedule but she finally agreed and everything is going awesome”.


Each activity that was conducted in the workshop had a purpose behind it. One of them was the ‘Superman dive’ wherein the students had to form two lines holding hands, and one student had to run take a leap while the rest had to catch him/her. The reason behind this was to inculcate confidence in the individual, and learn how to take a leap of faith.


After a break, the students were made to play two fun games, which again taught them something valuable- discipline. At the end of the workshop at Shaheed Sukhdev College’s Raasa, students had a number of questions which were answered extremely well and patiently by Ms. Shivani. These were her parting words-

We’re actors, we’re opposite the people. All the world is a stage, so play yourself, thrive to be the best and never back down.

Written by Saurabh Sharma.

Edited by the Editorial Team.