Meet Agam Anand, The Exceptional Dancer from Ramjas College -


Meet Agam Anand, The Exceptional Dancer from Ramjas College

For some people, dancing comes as naturally as walking. And so it was for our next Boombox talent, Agam, a first year B.Com student from Ramjas College, whose moves are sure to leave you spellbound. His first memory of dancing goes back to the time when he was 4 years old, dancing to the exact beat of a song playing on the TV. Looking at his performances, it comes as a surprise to know that he has never had any professional training and that he creates his own moves, watching Youtube.

Starting from his first performance on stage at a school competition at the age of five, Agam went on to perform in more than 50 events in school with celebrities like Krushna Abhishek, Kashmira Tanna, Raju Srivastava, Ehsan Qureshi, etc., and in around 40 colleges. He even performed with Kanika Kapoor and Salman Yussuf at the Femina Miss India-2017 event. In the month of April, Agam won five competitions out of eight in the solo category.

Watch Agam & his crew give a phenomenal performance:

Talking about his aspirations, Agam said:

Well, aspiring is a part of your dream and my dream is to become a well-trained dancer, so that if people talk about dance and a certain form, my name automatically comes into their head- like ‘oh that guy Agam, he is such a good jazz (for instance), dancer. I aspire to reach a level where people know me through my dance. Also, I aspire to bring out the hidden talent which is majorly stepped upon by the pressure of parents or the society.


Agam feels that he owes much of his success in performances to his college’s dancing society, which helped him become a better dancer, as well as a better person. He hopes that more colleges can appreciate their own students who excel at dancing or any other art by giving them attendance and some extra time for submissions of assignments and things like that, which would come as a big relief for people like him.

We can only expect to watch Agam soar greater heights in the time to come!

By the Editorial Team.