The Annual Cricket Event - NITIE's Very Own IPL -


The Annual Cricket Event – NITIE’s Very Own IPL

Sports in general is a metaphor for life. Be it the exhilaration of a victory or the gloom of a defeat, sports teach us to remain calm and take everything in the positive stead. And we all know the intense love affair our country has with the game of cricket. The suspense of seeing a fast bowler steaming in to knock the stumps out of the ground or the batsman trying to whack the ball out of the boundaries is perhaps one of the most cherished memories of our childhood. Cricket is like a religion in India, and arguably the best glue to bring the nation together as a whole.


NITIE PREMIER LEAGUE or as it is fondly referred to- NPL, is a first of its kind annual Cricket event among B-schools. Formulated on the tunes of the ever popular IPL, NITIE’s own NPL has been the students darling since its inception. The five editions of NPL so far, witnessed players of all ethnicity coming together to play for their respective franchise. Needless to say, that the euphoria surrounding this event makes it a much awaited and hugely popular annual event.


Not only is NPL a platform for the sportspersons, but it also offers an opportunity for all the future managers to combine all their strategic and analytical skills in teams as well as player auctions. This is the time when they put all the management lessons to good use and try to buy a well-balanced team. The players chosen, have to fit into their role description to the T.

NPL sheds the stereotype of Cricket being a gentleman’s game. Women are equally as capable as men, be it management or Cricket. The 2013 ICC women’s cricket world cup, several bilateral series, increasing viewership and media coverage all point towards the growing popularity of cricket among women. NPL recognizes the enthusiasm among girls about cricket and takes pride in organizing a cricket match for the maidens every year.


After the strategic team formations and player auctions have been done and dusted, the budding Sehwags and Virat Kohlis lurking behind well-fitted corporate attires come out to perform to their full potential and we stay hooked to the scintillating performances both by bat and ball.

NPL 6.0 has been following the legacy and already seen many of those nail biting finishes which keep every one of us on the edge of our seats. Come, join us in this sporting extravaganza- and trust us, you will become a fan.

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Written by the NITIE team.

Edited by the Editorial Team.