Meet Aranya, The Young Poet Taking The World By Storm -


Meet Aranya, The Young Poet Taking The World By Storm

We’re most certain that this week’s talent isn’t a new face. She’s taken the internet- and the world- by storm not once, but multiple times with her powerful poetry. So, after bringing to you Ameya Koushik, the hilarious stand-up comedian from NIT Karnataka, we’re back to make you meet Aranya Johar, the young spoken word poet who has become an internet sensation, with all her poems touching the right chord with millions of people across the globe.


Aranya, now a FYBA student at Sophia College for Women, Mumbai, started writing poetry at the age of 11, and started performing at 13. Her first performance was at a venue in Bandra, Mumbai where she had to fake her age to get in, because she was very eager to perform. She was the youngest performer there, but managed to leave the crowd speechless with her words.

My brother introduced me to spoken word and I saw a lot of important poetry videos. I was always in awe of the performers, and used to wonder when I am going to be able to do that. And now I’m actually doing that! So I guess that’s what led me to it.


Her poetry that garnered a million views just hours after upload – A Brown Girls Guide To Gender – made a massive impact on one and all and because we couldn’t help but wonder what went on in her head when she was penning down this masterpiece, she deconstructed the poem for us, explaining it line by line. If you missed out on it, you can watch it now!

She recently released another riveting piece – A Brown Girls Guide To Beauty. Pretty sure you must’ve watched it by now, but if you still haven’t here you go:

The young poet recently delivered her first TedX Talk at ICT, Mumbai and has also performed at Tuning Fork, Cuckoo Club, Barking Deer, Jamnabai Narsee’s Cascade, Poddar’s Zenith and many more.

Talking about what inspires her, Aranya says,

The fact that when I get on stage and get a mike, my voice is given weightage, irrespective of my age, my gender, my caste, my religion, my socio-economic background, people are listening to me. I love being able to have a conversation with the audience about things that matter.

Poetry is Aranya’s biggest passion and she plans to pursue it full time and make it more of a commodity. One thing is certain, you are definitely going to see a lot more of Aranya Johar in the time to come.


By the Editorial Team.