Aryavir on Kindle FREE - Here's Why You Need To Read The Book -


Aryavir on Kindle FREE – Here’s Why You Need To Read The Book

Some say, between the pages of a book, is a good place to be. And if you’ve ever felt this way, you’re in for a treat because, Guardians of the Blue Lotus 1: Aryavir manages to keep you hooked right through. The plot line of Anita Shirodkar’s mythological extraordinaire makes teleportation possible with words. It takes you right there, to the glorious lands of Kamalkund, where battles & mysteries weave their way into the lives of the royal family. You don’t just connect to the characters you can feel them come alive. Every move that Aryavir makes to protect his kingdom & the Blue Lotus brings out not just his heroism but love, deceit, anger & ever other emotion that drives the human race.

Aryavir is everything that a mythological story aspires to be – gripping, monumental & other worldly. But, it is Shirodkar’s writing that makes it come to life in ways you couldn’t imagine. While you wouldn’t want to put the book down, its story line will make you turn the pages quicker with very passing chapter. So, if you’re planning on visiting a new place this weekend, just pick up Guardians Of The Blue Lotus & explore the world of Kamalkund through Anita Shirodkar’s vision. What makes it even better? It’s free for download on Kindle from 28th – 31st July. 

May the bibliophile in you have a great weekend!


By Priyanka Parmar
For the Editorial Team