ATKT Masters Shine In Badshah's Mercy Dance Competition -


ATKT Masters Shine In Badshah’s Mercy Dance Competition

After his insanely popular single ‘DJ Waley Babu’, Badshah release his second single ‘Mercy’ in 2017 which featured international dancer Lauren Gottlieb. Following the success of Mercy, he started a global dance competition called the Badshah Mercy Challenge, wherein the participants were required to upload a video of their dance moves to the song on and share it extensively on social media with the hashtag #DanceLikeAPro. Needless to say, the competition was a huge success, seeing a number of amazing entries pouring in, and a lot of buzz created on various social media platforms.

Two of ATKT’s very special dance masters- Binaisha Deshmukh Datta & Awez Darbar sent in their brilliant entries and we’re proud to announce Awez even won the competition! Winning a grand cash prize by Badshah and Sony Music India, here’s the choreography team that won with their awesomeness:



Binaisha, our other star master’s video was equally brilliant, if not more. There’s a lot for everyone to learn from her and here’s a glimpse of what that entails:

Together they managed to attract millions of eyeballs, and what’s more, both Binaisha and Awez have been and will hopefully continue to mentor our special dance talent. After seeing both those routines, we for one definitely can’t wait for the season to begin!

By the Editorial Team.