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Article Top Hindi Solo Singing Performances

Every week we bring to you our favourite performances from the year gone by- Stand up Comedy, Dances, Beatbox Showcases, Performance Poetry & much more. This week, we have a category that is very close to our hearts, a category that was probably the most difficult to choose our Top 3 from – Hindi Solo Singing. These talented singers created such a magical vibe with their voices that they will make you want to listen to them on repeat. Out of the numerous amazing performances, here are the 3 that stole the show (and our hearts):

Sarath S. Kumar – Hansraj College

This singer performed a beautiful classical cover of ‘Ambva Talay’ at Hindu College’s Mecca. Accompanied by a tabla player, this was Sarath’s flawless performance:

Youngash Sharma – IIT Bombay

Performing a song that is already a favourite and making everybody fall in love with it even more is a difficult feat to achieve. But Youngash did exactly that with his brilliant performance of ‘Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin’ from Agneepath at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo.  Here take a look:

Rohit – Institute of Hospitality Management

Words fall short to describe Rohit’s breathtaking rendition of ‘Albela Sajan’ at Sophia College’s Kaleidoscope. While we go gush some more (alot more!) at his mesmerising voice, you go ahead and watch the performance:


By the Editorial Team.