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Article Top Instrumental Performances

Each and every college is a massive storehouse of talent, and we came across tons of it at the college festivals we covered last year. Last week we picked out our Top Folk Dance Performances & Student Films; and this week, to celebrate International Music Day, we decided to bring to you our favourite Instrumental pieces; pieces that transported us to a place filled with beautiful music and brilliant musicians. So, are you ready to take this musical trip with us?

Anubhuti Agnihotri at Hindu College’s Mecca

This Jesus & Mary student’s keyboard solo was flawless & absolutely mesmerizing. Her passion for music shone clearly in her performance, and we couldn’t help but fall in love it.

Nalin Vinayak at AIIMS’ Pulse

Nalin, a student of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, gave a performance that will definitely leave you asking for more! Accompanied by a pianist, this was their phenomenal piece.

Neerad Sumeet at Jai Hind Music Café

Neerad has now become a household name in the college music circuit in Mumbai. And we got the chance to cover another one of his astounding performances at the Jai Hind Music Café.

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By the Editorial Team.