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With the growing influence that films and media have on the masses, it is not that surprising that more and more people are trying their hand at film making each day. As much as we appreciate all the effort put in, there are a few that really do stand out. Last week we bought you some of the craziest duet dance performances, and some insane bands the week before that. This week we bring you some top quality film making done by college students who you might not have known to possess the talent!

‘Decoded’ by Akash Ghosh (J. S. S. Academy)

Akash Ghosh, is a third year student of Electronic and Communications Engineering from J. S. S. Academy of Technical Education in Noida. His love for cinema gradually led him to develop a keen interest in film making. He stared by assisting his seniors in College in making short films to ultimately making his own short film ‘Decoded’. He discribes, ‘Decoded’ is a sci-fi, techno thriller on cryptography.

You can check out this brilliant short film and see for yourself why this guy deserves all the praises and more.

A Broken Toy – A Short Film by Students of R. D. National College

“What goes around, Comes Around”, the film making competition at Mithibai’s Papparazzi saw some mind boggling entries. But the one that stood out the most for us was “A Broken Toy” by the students of R. D. National College. This short film not only has some extremely well done, complex shots but also a goosebumps giving poetic narrative.

Check out this chilling short film and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

Lollipop with Superpowers – A Parody Commercial by Student of R. D. National College

On a lighter tone, our third pick for the best of film making is this parody film, made yet again, by students of R. D. National College. The competition “So You Think You Can Sell”, at Mithibai’s Paparazzi, had them conceptualizing and selling a product with a super powers. Their product, a lollipop with superpowers, can turn anything into fruit. Strange, but interesting amiright?

This advertise will surly kick in the 90’s nostalgia. Check it out here.

These film makers sure do have a successful career irrespective of where they go; Be it Bollywood, Hollywood or Indie film making. We sure as hell can not wait to see more of their works.

By the Editorial Team.