Attn. Mumbai Students- A Sports Carnival Awaits -


Attn. Mumbai Students- A Sports Carnival Awaits

Annually, thousands of college festivals are held across the country to give to budding, young talent a platform to showcase their abilities. May it be the cultural sector or the fine and literary arts, college students are seen participating in a number of events and competitions every year. The recent trend has also brought to the forefront a number of technical, management, business and media festivals, giving sports a somewhat minor representation in each of these.

For the first time ever, Jazbaa Media brings to college students in Mumbai the opportunity to hone and show their sportsmanship and athletic abilities through organizing the Intercollege Sports Carnival! To be held on Saturday, January 14th, the Carnival brings together college students from across streams and sections to participate in a day of fun, frolic and meaningful gestures. That’s right! While it’s exciting to even hear about an inter-college sports fiesta, what makes this event even more interesting is its cause.


Initiated by budding young students at Jazbaa Media, the objective of the Sports Carnival is to provide support and help the athletes of the country. They aim to raise the profile of sportsmen who tirelessly work towards raising the bar of our country’s records and also help identify and place young talent to excel in their fields. Through a number of workshops and informal talks, students will also be made more aware about fitness and sports for recreational purposes.


The events and competitions at the sports carnival include the 100M, 200M, 400M and the 4X100M Relay Races. Additionally, students can also participate in a number of other events such as box cricket, football, kabaddi, tug of war and volleyball to make the most of their day. To participate in the races, one can register here and remember- you’re helping a cause by participating.


We don’t see a better way of spending what would otherwise be a lazy Saturday and look forward to seeing you all at the tracks of Priyadarshini Park, Nepensea Road next week!

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By the Editorial Team