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B-Towners Share Their Love For Rickshaw Diaries. You Could Be Next!

Between the traffic, the horns blaring all around you & thousands of other Mumbaikars on a hustle… Do you hear the wheels turning? That’s the sound of Mulchand Dedhia’s Rickshaw Diaries moving forward & going places.

Recently, the floods in Mumbai brought the city to a standstill & while that happened, its people came into action. If you’ve ever lived here, you will know that this city has a pulse & tapping into that,  Rickshaw Diaries shared a post honouring Mumbai’s spirit. The story didn’t just receive love from our regular online janta but also some pretty influential people. Have a look here:



Yep, you read, saw & gasped right. Bollywood’s Fashion Diva, Sonam Kapoor & renowned Sufi singer, Kavita Seth shared it too!

What’s Rickshaw Diaries you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard about the Rickshaw Diaries, what are you even doing? Okay, let’s catch you up! ‘Rickshaw Diaries’ is Mulchand Dedia’s brain child which invites all the poets & gives them a chance to get their tales published on… wait for it, Rickshaws. But, since we’re in the age of micro tales where less is so much more, your entries can’t exceed 140 characters.

So if you know how to work them words & write tales that can move people 1 character at a time. Visit the website, send in your entry & that’s it! Rickshaw Diaries will pick the best ones and have them published. And you never know, next time you hop onto a rickshaw (or even if they refuse to take you), you could find your tale on it!