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Welcome One Of Bangalore’s Biggest Fests, Autumn Muse

South India’s oldest, most prestigious national level cultural and sports extravaganza, Autumn Muse, is back with a bang! While the wheels were set into motion to lay the groundwork for this fest months ago, the final period of the preparatory work has just begun. Taking place from the 15th-19th of September, here’s a sneak peek into what you should expect at St. Johns National Academy’s (Bangalore) Autumn Muse ’17 :

The Social Cause

Notably, Autumn Muse is conducted with the sole aim to generate funds to support a medically and socially relevant cause. This year, Children with Disability is the focal issue and all funds generated through a successful Autumn Muse will be directed to benefit the recipients of major orthopaedic surgeries conducted by Unit of Hope specialists.


Kenny Sebastian in the house, people!

The major highlight of Autumn Muse this year is the comedy night featuring the hilariously talented mallu chetta, Kenneth Sebastian. This promises to be an entertainment extravaganza and fans & non-fans alike are welcome to witness the spectacle, with proceeds from the show also going to the cause.


The Super O.C.

Autumn Muse is a testament to what inspired student can produce when given the right tools. Students are the sole organizers of the fest with all groundwork and financial responsibilities being taken up by them. No external professional or outside involvement serves to make Autumn Muse a truly student centric fest.


Why You Must Go

Autumn Muse boasts of one of the highest levels of competition and one of the key reasons is the cheap costs for registration. Involvement in the fest is always light on the pocket and gives the participant a feeling of satisfaction after getting to interact and compete with their colleagues from all over India. Located in the heart of the city, St. Johns National Academy is also ideally positioned for outstation visitors to experience Bangalore and figure out what the city is all about. When things are winding down to a close at Autumn Muse 2017 the city comes to life and the night always stays young.

Poets of the Fall 1


The medical conference, Innervate 2017, is being held in conjunction with Autumn Muse this year. Much like its predecessors, it is sure to be a buffet for the all the academics in us. This year the medical conference is growing, taking its first baby steps and you should be there to witness and be a part of an event that is set to improve the existing dialogue and discussion in the student community.


So, make sure you block September 15th-19th on your calendar, because this is one festival you do not want to miss out on.


Written by the Autumn Muse Team.

Edited by the ATKT.in Editorial Team.