Meet One Of Bangalore's Finest Poets, Fathima Zahra -


Meet One Of Bangalore’s Finest Poets, Fathima Zahra

Ever so often we come across a spoken word poet who takes our breath away. Today’s poet is one of them. After telling you about Kajol Runwal last week, Airplane Poetry Movement (APM), being a marvellous platform for poets, has suggested yet another incredible poet to us.

Meet Fathima Zahra, a high school graduate from International Indian School, Jeddah, who has been following spoken work poetry ever since she stumbled upon a TED Talk by Amal Ahmed Albaz in 2011.

I’ve loved Spoken Word poetry since the first video I’ve watched, because it brings together two of my favourite art forms; writing and performance.


But Fathima always pushed it to the back burner, convincing herself that spoken word required certain finesse in your writing and expertise in the language.

YouTube videos were her inspiration until she came to Bangalore last year, and got to watch Spoken word poets there.

It was only last year that I tried a hand at it for the first time, at Open Sky Slam. The audience was warm and encouraging and pushed me to keep coming back ever since!

So now, along with preparing for medical entrance exams, Fathima also writes & performs beautiful poetry; poetry that will stay with you forever.

Here is one such poem that she performed at an APM show recently:

Fathima has only attended one poetry slam contest curated by Jain University, & it doesn’t come as a surprise that she ended up winning it! She was also a part of the Louder Than Words mission by APM which culminated in a live performance in front of a large audience.

She even opened for Daniel Sukumar & Bharath Divakar’s show last week! For her, they have been a huge inspiration as poets as well as mentors, so it was a very exciting moment for her.

“The honest and raw emotions most people incorporate into their poems, and the energy in the room is like none other. Spoken word can move people, reduce them to tears, make them laugh or even ponder about larger issues. They’re what keep me coming back.” says the young poet signing off.

More of her videos are coming out soon, so make sure you watch them because knowing how talented Fathima is, they are definitely going to be remarkable!

By the Editorial Team.