The Amazing Dance Competition At IIIT Delhi's Odyssey -


The Amazing Dance Competition At IIIT Delhi’s Odyssey

IIIT Delhi’s Odyssey sure did have some spectacular events. After we told you about the Nukkad Natak Competition, here’s another amazing event- The Battle Troupe. This dance competition had a total of 12 performances, and every one of them managed to leave the audience speechless and asking for more! The judges for the event were Saurabh Verma and Vivek Chandra from Conference Dance Centre.

Miranda House kickstarted the competition. They started their performance on a slow note but as the performance progressed they showed some great moves, and ended it smoothly & gracefully.


There were several eye popping performances – LSR who gave an extremely powerful performance, Motilal Nehru College who showed us that dance is not only about being on the ground it’s about going beyond, it’s about using different props and stunts that acts as a cherry on the top, Hansraj who wooed the audience with their amazing routine, with the highlight of their performance being the slow version of the Bhojpuri song “Lipstick”, & finally JMC an all girls team who portrayed  a love story in their performance. Their performance was one of a kind with a theme of love story and betrayal.


Amity outperformed every college with an all Bollywood routine. As the event started coming to an end girls of Kamla Nehru college came and showed everyone that the competition is not over yet and that there are performances which are worth hooting for on the top of our voices.

The second last performer of the day was the winner of many dancing competitions last year i.e. Misbah the dancing society of GGS. Everyone had a lot of expectations from this team and they gave us more than what was expected. Their performance was powerful, and a perfect blend of new and old songs.


The last performer of the day was by Sri Venkateswara college. The variety of dance forms that was offered was a lot more than the other teams. They did western dance, contemporary dance and their flexibility proved to be their strong point which is what helped them to get the first prize in the competition.

After all the performances were over IIIT Delhi gave everyone a surprise. The surprise was a performance by the dancing society of their college. There couldn’t have been a better end to this mesmerising dance competition.


Written by Anjana Saini

Edited by the Editorial Team