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Earn A Free Pass To The Desi Hoppers Workshop

Delhi Dancers! If you haven’t already heard about Desi Hoppers coming to your city, it’s time to buck up! The crew of hip-hop boys that won the WOD in their first attempt, have been making news ever since, with their shows and performances around the country (and the world!)

After gracing stages such as America’s Got Talent and Day Day Up, Desi Hoppers are set to host their StreetMation workshop over three days at Saraswati Music College, Delhi. To be held from the 28th – 30th April, this workshop is the perfect opportunity for fans to meet their dance idols and even learn some of the best dance techniques from them.


If you’re thinking nothing can get more exciting than this, we’re about to prove you wrong. The hosts of the workshop, Dance n Inspire have rolled out, till the 20th of April the ‘Isse Kehte Hain HipHop’ online dance competition that allows solo dancers to send in their talent videos and stand a chance to win a free pass to the workshop. Wondering what to do? We’ve got some spectacular examples to show you too!

Catch Kajal Bisht’s super moves on Move Your Lakk and don’t forget to watch this spectacular routine by Vikram Pathak on Nimbuda here!

Enough inspiration, isn’t it?

Don’t forget! The competition – complete details of which can be found here, ends on the 20th of April. If you’re in Delhi or around and have ever dreamt of learning from the best (you can watch their WOD performance here btw), there is no better opportunity than this! Plus- for free!

Workshop details here. 

Hope to see you there!

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team