The English Theatre Festival at St. Andrew's College -


The English Theatre Festival at St. Andrew’s College

A success story that spans over a decade, OLIO, the intercollegiate English theatre competition, raises its curtains to the audiences at St. Andrews Auditorium, on the 5th of January, 2017 for the final event.

Olio, according to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, is ‘a miscellaneous collection of literary or musical selections.’ Every year, St Andrew’s College hosts OLIO, a unique Inter-collegiate English theatre competition. Olio, which celebrates its sixteenth birthday this year, consists of one-act plays from various colleges, selected after preliminary eliminations.

The elimination round helps tap hidden talents and brings youngsters on to the stage. It was held on 8th December, 2016, where four of the best plays were selected to be showcased on the day of the final event. Constructive feedback given by the judges Ms. Bageshri Joshirao, Mr. Sattvic and Mr. Omkar Bhatkar, on the elimination day helped the participants gain confidence and gave them a chance to rectify their shortcomings.


A prerequisite for entry is an original script following a given theme. This year the theme is ‘time’. The relationship between space and time in the creation of drama has been a tempestuous one since the origins of drama itself. They are trying to unravel the mysteries of time through theatre.

What reality is depends on what time is. Time feels real, continuously moving forward. Time has flow, runs like a river. Time has direction, always advances. Time has order, one thing after another. Time has duration, a quantifiable period between events. Time has a privileged presence, only now is real. But the question remains- is time a reality or an illusion generated by our brains? Opinion is divided.


Olio has proven to be the perfect platform for young students, both from degree and junior college, to exhibit their talent and move on to a more professional arena, be it theatre or event–management. The drama festival has made history in creating some versatile actors, directors and script writers including actress Frieda Pinto, who won Best Actress in 2004.

The organising committee of this event consists of a group of talented and enthusiastic students guided by the teachers. They oversee the smooth functioning of the competition and ensure that Olio has something exciting to offer to the audience. Celebrity judges like Genelia Deshmukh (D’souza), Cyrus Broacha, Raghu Ram, Lola Kutty, Ashwin Gidwani, Jameel Khan, Ash Chandler, Kelli Dorji and many others have graced Olio with their presence.


At Olio, the general public is also permitted to book tickets and attend the competition and tickets are also available at the venue. Every year there is a mad rush for tickets, with several latecomers going empty handed.  So ‘Time’ is of the essence here. Come, be a part of Olio, 2017.