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Everything You Should Know About LNMIIT’s Most Awaited Tech Fest, E-Fest Asia Pacific

After successfully hosting the global Software Engineering Conference – ISEC 2017, LNMIIT is all set to host one of the world’s largest technical festivals.  The festival, going by the name of E-fest Asia Pacific under the banner of ASME will be held from March 3 to March 5, 2017. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), an international organization has this year, given an opportunity to LNMIIT to host its brand value festival E-fest in Asia-Pacific region in addition to the two occurring in United States! Here are 5 things that you should know about this amazing festival:

The Bustling Campus

The energy on the campus is electrifying. With a huge crowd of participants from the Asia-Pacific region, one cannot expect a dull moment throughout the day.  Students from various parts of the world can be seen jostling their minds to see through the obstacles that they are going to encounter in various challenges ahead. There is an expected footfall of 1500+ participants from across the nation and globe. Also, 1500 students of the college LNMIIT will also be featuring regularly in this festival.


The Theme & Events

The beautiful fest theme of ‘Colourful Rajasthan’ will surely make one fell in love with Rajasthan. The highlights of E-fest will include 6 competitive events which are HPVC (Human Powered Vehicle Competition), SDC (Student Design Challenge), IDC(Impromptu Design Challenge), Robothon (Robotic Challenge), Iam3D (3D Manufacturing Challenge) and Old Guard (Technical Poster Presentation), reflecting the multidisciplinary vision of ASME in Engineering & Technology.


The Dignitaries

Under the Leadership Development Conference, dignitary speakers like Thomas G. Loughlin (Executive Director of ASME), Lt Gen. VJ Sundram (Director of Prithvi Missile Project), Dr Anil Kakodkar (Ex-chairman of Atomic Commission of India), Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy (Ex – Chairman of NASSCOM) and many more will be there to spread their wisdom among the enthusiastic youths.



The Music Concerts

The rhythm of music gives an essence of soothing to every state of mind. The music culture prevailing in our country is pronounced as one of the best worldwide. This jubilant fest is filled with two such nights, bestowed to the musical tunes of the arena, connecting the hearts of eternal souls and relishing the happiness that this weird strong attachment brings. The fest will include rock band performances by Euphoria (Palash Sen) and Aayudh, the pioneers of the Indian pop music.


The Fantastic Opportunities

It is a platform for students spread across the globe, to have battle of creativity, a battle of nuts and bolts and a battle of smart and accurate designs. And the winners will get awards worth more than 3.5 lakhs in addition of an US trip funded by ASME. The fest will provide the students a perfect opportunity to let their hair down and the techie inside them to get loose.


This is a fest of intellectual minds, expressing their creativity in the best of technical terms. Join LNMIIT and celebrate being an engineer!

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