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Everything You Need To Know To Attend TEDxMSIT

TEDxMSIT, hosted by Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Delhi is an illustrious event that hosts intellectual speakers from different backgrounds to deliver TEDx talks which are less than 18 minutes, to inculcate diverse, vivid and overwhelming ideas that can bring a change in the individual or the society as whole. In sync with the spirit of TED’s mission, i.e., ideas worth spreading, the team meticulously hosted its first event inviting 10 eloquent speakers, who flabbergasted the audience with their scintillating minds. TEDxMSIT team is a team of ardent visionaries, responsible masterminds and passionate prodigies who with their idiosyncratic talents take this well planned manoeuvre to a next step.

TEDxMSIT is set to make comeback this Sunday with a fabulous roster of 8 speakers with a hope to host a promising and an astounding event in the history of MSIT.

Here’s everything you need to know to attend the event:

The event is only a day away and with limited seats left, the tickets are about to run out!
Don’t miss the chance to listen to the best of the best. So hurry up and grab a seat before there are no more left! Register here


The moment that you have all been waiting for is now only a few hours away. Make sure you grab a seat before they run out. Have you registered yet?

Register now at http://tedx.msit.in

Price Rise

See you there!

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team