Panelists Talk About Finding Your Passion At The Edutainment Show -


Panelists Talk About Finding Your Passion At The Edutainment Show

The Edutainment Show was teeming with renowned celebrities, academicians and entrepreneurs on 19th May, 2017 at Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai. The panel discussions were galore with the information on the opportunities the entertainment industry can offer.

Various aspects of the industry ranging from design to performing arts to journalism to media entrepreneurship were covered in the speeches and discussions by the speakers. Professor Mr. S Rege, Chairman of Silica spoke about entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for oneself. He spoke of economic disruption.

Uber, Facebook are a disruption. Yet they are useful for people. Disruption is leading to new industries and products and markets.


He stated that the only key to their success story is that they blended design with technology and this is replacing people. In such an era, one should focus on being disruption proof. They should ensure that they are irreplaceable by machines and that is possible with design thinking or creative thinking.

Rahul Puri, MD of Mukta Arts is also the head of Academics at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. He encouraged students to explore and experiment so that they can identify a passion. He focused on building attributes like hard work, patience and perseverance in one’s character because that will help them sustain in a dynamic field like media and film.


Chirag Gander from The Minimalist said that design as a field has a lot of growth and opportunity since it hasn’t reached its full potential in the country yet. The media industry is a 1.2 trillion-rupee industry and creates enough employment. It is important to realize your own passion and create a niche in the industry to excel.

Undoubtedly, the conclave was really informative for aspiring entertainment industry professionals owing to the paramount technical knowledge that they received through the speeches and panel discussions at the event.

More exciting updates from the Edutainment Show coming up, so stay tuned!


Written by Urvashi Valecha

Edited by the Editorial Team.