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‘Free’- Shreya Ghose’s views on ‘India and Independence’

The ATKT.in Cypher is an exclusive community of some of our favourite artists and talent across categories of artforms. 

For the first theme of August, here’s the submission of Shreya Ghose from Mukesh Patel School of Technology & Management Mumbai, a member of the ATKT.in (Writers) Cypher on the topic – ‘India and Independence- what it means to you, personally in today’s day and age’.   



India’s Independence is:

Little children play on the streets

Fearless and full of ecstasy.

People are not afraid

To walk down streets, arm in arm

Celebrating love and friendship.

Nation’s daughters do not weep

Of innocence lost- but for heights reached,

Their hearts made swollen

And futures made bright.

Generations celebrating each festival alike.

In our varied culture,

Taking over joyous pride.

The three genders viewed with the unopinionated eye:

Swelling chests at each other’s stories

Putting the unrequired social judges aside.


Our beloved country will only be free

From clutches of division, anger and hatred,

When everyone is viewed as equals,

And foetuses are left to breathe.

Souls allowed to work at the location of their choosing,

The inner child given a reprieve.

The Rupee made stronger

By offspring of the country,

So their children and grandchildren

Don’t seek space to spread their wings

In Lands unknown.

For this Nation, our Motherland,

Dear in all our hearts as it is,

Can burn with a renewed soul of flames

And rise, from the ashes as a Phoenix.

A land where each one is truly free.