The H.R. College Dancer Who Killed It At Every Fest -


The H.R. College Dancer Who Killed It At Every Fest’s #TOTW is the spotlight on special, diverse, young talent that truly deserves as many platforms as it can get. We’ve been to over fifty college festivals and each one of them have made us realise one thing- there is nothing Indian college kids can’t do! May it be dancing or singing, acting or speaking, writing or even painting- they know what they gotta do and how they’ve gotta do it too!

After a rundown of our best talent- The Jai Hind College Dance Trio, The Delhi Music Prodigy and even VIBE- India’s Beatbox Star, this week we’re back with a face that most of us will recognise- because she’s everywhere- killing it at absolutely EVERY dance competition and making sure her college sweeps its way to victory.

Meet Lisa Mo, student of H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai and watch some of her top Performances.

Lisa & Crew in their Award Winning Street Dance Routine at Sophia College’s Kaleidoscope Festival

The H.R. College Dancers in Their Power Packed Urban Hindi Dance at St. Xavier College’s Malhar

Lisa was born in Orissa, after which she moved to Kolkata. Trained in classical Odissi, Lisa soon shifted to New York City and decided to learn as many dance forms as she could. She started her journey in ballet, contemporary and African Dancing only to move back to India after a short six months.

Once back home, Lisa felt extremely out of place. Dance classes gave her a chance to express herself, open up and truly be who she wanted to be. With her exceptional talent and quick learning ability, it was of no surprise when Lisa made it to the roster of a number of TV Dance shows.

Ever since then, Lisa has never looked back and has continued to pursue her passion cum career in dance. A keen, graceful and skillful dancer, Lisa has participated in a number of college festivals such as Malhar, Kaleidoscope, Kshitij and even BITS Pilani Goa’s Waves.

Catch her at the next big festival- only on and in the meantime- here’s our Delhi Dance Queen– take a look!

By the Editorial Team