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Why You Need To Catch SNU’s Acapella Group At Odyssey

IIIT Delhi’s most awaited and talked about cultural festival, Odyssey, is all set to return with a bang on the 24th of March, with a promise to be a platform for the most talented students across the country. While we all know about the multiple events that you should not miss out on, what we want to tell you about is who you should expect at this fest, since we don’t want you to miss out on the outstanding talent that will be performing there.

Introducing to you Synergy, the brilliant A capella Team from Shiv Nadar University. The crew of 6 consists of amazing musicians- Ishan Gupta, Darsh Verma, Rajat Mittal, Ena Gupta, Mallika Muralidharan  and Rijul Ghosh- who have performed at multiple college festivals including IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous, Gargi College’s Reverie, Hansraj College’s Rachnotsava & Hindu College’s Mecca, all of where they came in the Top 3! Apart from college festivals they have also performed in 4 competitions, other college functions like TEDx & Breeze, and several times in their music society’s events.

Check out their performance at IIT Delhi!

When asked about what makes them work together, this is what Ishan had to say:

The thing that makes us work together best as a team is probably the openness we have in our group. All of us have equal parts in the group, in terms of singing and the efforts that we put in while preparing our piece. No one is made to feel like they are less than others. We even have a solo, especially for the beatboxer where he can have a bit of spotlight, which most acapella groups don’t have. We take into consideration everyone’s opinion and choice of songs. We’re a very small acapella group in comparison to most DU college’s groups which usually have more than 10 members. I think these are the reasons that bind us together so well.

shiv nadar

They practise everyday for atleast an hour. When they prepare their piece, they pitch in different songs after which they come to a common list, and then go on to decide the parts, who will sing what and ensure that each and every one is satisfied with their piece. Also, they ensure that everybody is given the lead atleast once. The group describes their practise sessions as jamming sessions, cause they are a lot of fun but, they do get down to business once the festivals are approaching and make sure that their piece is practised to perfection, taking inputs from friends and seniors along the way.

Surprisingly, they don’t have a conductor or a leader. All of them are a constant support and a source of motivation for each other. Ishan being the senior most member of the group, takes the responsibility of handling the dates of the festivals and registering for them. But they give the credit to Vinith Johnson, one of the graduates, who himself is an amazing musician, for being a huge support for the group when they started off.

Their performance is 6 minutes long, and is a blend of 4 songs, covering a couple of styles like Dubstep, a bit of opera, and more. The one thing that the audience should look forward to the most is the element of surprise that they have added to their performance! So make sure you catch Shiv Nadar University’s Synergy live at  IIIT Delhi’s Odyssey!

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team