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Highlights of Pentomino, DCAC Komercio’s Most Fun Event

The commerce society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce hosted its annual fest Komercio on the 3rd of March. In just a day, the fest managed to gain the aura and essence that otherwise big fests have. The fest was nothing short of a blast with a number of great and fun events with an underlying essence of commerce. The fest witnessed competitions like Stockoholic and Bizz frago but the event ‘Pentomino’ managed to get the title of most attractive event with over 100 teams participating in it. Pentomino was a light hearted and fun game with a cheerful atmosphere. It had five rounds, each one leading to an elimination after.


The first round was named ‘guess the weight’ in which each member of the team was given one item such as iron, ball, locks, etc. They had to guess the weight of each item and tell the average weight within 30 seconds. The idea of the game was very unique and the participants appreciated the creativity of the organisers of the game as well.   

The second round was a torrent quiz round in which the participants had to answer questions related to Hollywood shows. The spotlight was taken away from the smart ones by the Telecoholics and it definitely seemed like a tough round for the people who don’t watch shows.

The third round was the most fun round. It was named ‘minute to minute’, in which participants were given different tasks, which they had to complete in just 1 minute.  Tasks like finding 25 safety pins from a box filled with sand and throwing the ball and placing it in an egg tray were witnessed. In this round, participants were seen enjoying to the fullest without their competitive streak to win the event.

The fourth round was an opportunity for  the Bollywood stalkers to show off their knowledge. The bollywood quiz judged participants’ knowledge on bollywood celebs, movies and the latest gossip.

Only 4 teams were able to make it to the 5th round of the competition, which was ‘best out of waste’. The round took the participants down memory lane to their school days when they used to make different things out of waste. The idea of this round was to measure the creativity levels of the finalists.                                  

All in all, this event was a blithe event without too much mental pressure or too much thinking. Everyone was witnessed going with the flow, without thinking about winning. With all the jolly rounds and enjoyable moments, this was a unique event that every fest must have.  Akshay and Bhumika grabbed the first prize, winning a whooping amount of Rs.5000. 2nd prize was taken away Kanak and Shubham worth Rs.3000.

By Anjana Saini
For the ATKT.in Editorial Team