The 3 Most Hilarious Acts From Mood Indigo's Stand Up -


The 3 Most Hilarious Acts From Mood Indigo’s Stand Up

IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo, like we mentioned earlier, gave us some of the best talent that we have ever seen. So, after we gave you the Top Performances of the Street Dance Competition & the ChoreoNite, we bring to you the Top 3 Stand Up Comedy Acts from the event ‘Humor Us’. Hold on to something or else, you might just fall off the chair laughing! Also, before you watch these, don’t miss out on the Highlight video of this event- which you can watch right here.

Naman Jain from Sri Vankateswara College, Delhi, hilariously explains the difference between boys and girls. And also proves to us why being a teenager were some of the best years of our lives!

A student of Mumbai’s DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering Rohan Parekh, gives us a new theory on Navratri, while also explaining why the grass is always greener on the other side.


Salil Tamhankar, a DTU student explains why Panvel is so far, and the effect of television on us. Take a look!

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By the Editorial Team.