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IIITD’s Odyssey Exciting Events Rundown

What would you do if you could get the chance of enduring the culture of places throughout the world, without actually travelling in just two days! That’s right, it’s possible at IIITD’s Odyssey with the exciting theme- Around the World in Two Days. 

I may be a shallow river consumed in shadows,

But now is my time to reach the sun.

For once I am off,

And whole world is my ground,

Today is my chance to be a bird.

I am free to live my life,

For a day around the world


Here’s a complete rundown of what to expect at the festival:


Nirvana nights have definitely been the highlights of the previous editions of Odyssey. As the perfect stress buster in the most gratifying form,this time the one and only THE LOCAL TRAIN,India’s No.1 Rock band & the new face of Hindi rock,are going to be present. The songs by the band like ‘Choo lo’ and ‘Dil Mere’ will make you enter the state of nirvana.

Here are more details! 





For all the pre-eminent singers and bands, Odyssey presents the Battle of the Bands and Encore. They are also ready to introduce a new event VOCAL JAM, inspired by Picture Perfect, their first ever  ACAPELLA Competion.



For all the exuberant dancers,events like BATTLE TROUPE, VERVE and first version of CAN YOU DUET? are ready to take to the Odyssey stage. 



The events in this category will bring together theatre enthusiasts from all over the country to put the best show of their skills in acting and direction. Get ready to witness the viewpoints of today’s youth vetted through the medium of street plays in HASRATEIN. Also lookout for the ever famous “GUPCHUP”!


Here’s your chance to test your knowledge of various domains like the GAMES OF THRONES series and POP CULTURE.


Do you have what it takes to unwind mystery? Then ENIGMA is just the event or you. Track the treasure down using the given clues.



You think you know how to put across ideas convincingly? Got an itch to grammatically correct others? Love cracking jokes? This is just the right category for you. Events like  PUNCHLINE and GRAMMAR NAZI await your presence.


“When I first moved to New York I bought VOGUE instead of dinner.

I just felt it fed me more”-

Carrie Bradshaw

The curtains will be rise for all but the limelight will shine on the ones with just the right attitude. Join us on our search for the most iconic girl and the most charming boy in Mr. and Miss odyssey. Watch some of the cliched fashion statements get busted to give way to something completely new in REVERBE.



Art is all about creativity. This event comprises of a number of fun activities to present your love for art and imagination. Paint faces, or paint blindfolded! Excited? So are we for ART ATTACK!



Odyssey ’17 provides the participants an opportunity to utilize their photography and designing skills and at the same time win some pretty cool prizes too. Events like CAPTCHA, SHORT VIDEO MAKING and  DESIGN 360 awaits you. Get rolling!!


For all those who thought they couldn’t benefit from this long list of exciting events, here’s your last chance. Odyssey this year also presents fun events such as MINI MILITIA,BLIND DATING,SUMO WRESTLING and FOOD BINGE.

It’s not the competition, the performances or the events that matter in the end, but the night outs that you spend with your friends on the streets of IIIT Delhi. Odyssey is a place to unite, discover and celebrate the festival of life.

By the Odyssey Team
Edited by the ATKT.in Editorial Team