Image Building Tricks to be Shared at The Edutainment Show -


Image Building Tricks to be Shared at The Edutainment Show

India’s largest creative education conclave, The Edutainment Show provides a platform for students to explore various fields of education covering design, media and communication. It is a one-stop platform for information, education, entertainment and more importantly media convergence. It is all set to take place on the 19th & 20th of May, in Mumbai.

This year the topics for the talks spread over a range of different professional fields, and are as interesting as they are varied. One of the topics in the list is Image Building, the speaker for which is Nancy Katyal. Building image is an essential requirement for anyone who wishes to have a successful personal, professional and social life. No matter what the profession of the person is, image building helps them with their appearance, behaviour and communication.


Nancy Katyal is a Certified Image Consultant from ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute, India), and the Founder, Director and the Lead Image Consultant at The Perfect YOU. After a successful career in the corporate sector, Nancy began to appreciate the necessity of possessing soft skills besides technical skills to create an impact in the corporate world, and on people in general. She believes that we should always be ready to put our best foot forward and present ourselves impressively, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

The Edutainment Show is one of the very few platforms in India that allows such a large congregation of student body to be exposed to some of the biggest Industry experts and explore such unique topics. As a young student, ready to step into the professional world, this talk will surely help you see aspects of life that not many stress on enough. So, be sure to make the best of this opportunity by attending this talk.


By the Editorial Team.