The Incredible Line Up Of Speakers At 'The Wryte' -


The Incredible Line Up Of Speakers At ‘The Wryte’

The event that we all have been eagerly waiting for is fast approaching. The Wryte is all set to take place on the 11th of June in Pune, and we couldn’t be more excited! So, after we told you the 5 things that you must know about this amazing event, we tell you about all the incredible speakers who are going to be there! And if you still had doubts about heading to The Wryte, after knowing who the speakers are, you won’t have any. So, here we go:

Aranya Johar

Meet Aranya Johar, the 18-year-old Mumbai based poet who is on the rise. Aranya has taken the Internet by storm with her recent pieces- ‘A Brown Girl’s Guide To Gender’ where she lends a voice to contemporary issues people often choose to ignore, and ‘Bleed Without Violence’ where she talks about Menstrual health and how periods are nothing to hide. Both her pieces were extremely successful, receiving millions of views overnight. She is also the co-founder of More than Mics, an Open Mic organization that helps spoken word poets, & recently gave her first TED talk. Through her engaging words and simple and direct style of writing and speaking, she has been able to win so many hearts!


Shantanu Anand

The Wryte is proud to announce Shantanu Anand as one of their distinguished speakers at the event. 25 year old Shantanu is a pioneer in the spoken word poetry movement in Pune and is the co-founder of the Airplane Poetry Movement which aims at helping students develop their talents and provide them with opportunities to showcase it. He has also spoken at various TED events over the country, and his poetry is widely recognized to be sensational and inspiring.


Harnidh Kaur

Meet Harnidh Kaur, poet extraordinaire who is pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy from St. Xavier’s in Mumbai. She is a revolutionary in the world of spoken word poetry. The Inability of Words, her first book became an Amazon poetry bestseller on the day of its launch! The ideology behind her work is awe-inspiring. She is widely renowned for her reflections on a variety of subjects common and uncommon. She has been and still is an inspiration to upcoming spoken word poets and writers.


Priyanka Menon

Meet Priyanka Menon, poet, and author. This author of two books with Harper Collins India and one with Juggernaut, is a speaker at the event. She is not just established as an author, but is also an enthusiastic poet. Her beautiful poetry has made her one of the best in Pune.


KC Vlaine

This is KC Vlaine, one of the members of Pune Poetry Slam. He recently hosted Sarah Kay and Phil Kay at their only show in Pune! He is famous for his incredible poem ‘Trees’. He makes his own music and is also a sound designer! He is a wonderful spoken word poet and has performed at various events and has also spoken at TEDxMITP.


With speakers like these who could even think about missing out on this event?


By the Editorial Team.