Indie Band BLEK's Music Video Animated by NID Student -


Indie Band BLEK’s Music Video Animated by NID Student

In 2012, Mumbai alt rockers BLEK released their debut EP Hexes + Drama and Other Reasons For Evacuation after which we all wondered why we don’t see enough of them. While Rishi Bradoo went to study music and production in London, Jared Creado pursued a course in production at TSM, Mumbai. The group (all alumni of St. Xaviers’ College, Mumbai) finally ended their days of absence with Break The Beat, their new four-track EP – which is also their first since their drummer Linford D’souza joined (in 2013).

The EP that released this January is not just phenomenal music, but also marks a very special showcase of talent. Each of the four songs in the album have been illustrated by Nishlesh Patil, a final-year student from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Nishlesh not only designed the artwork for the record but also created an experience for each of the four songs- sneaking in some dark humor along the way.


It’s a funny story actually- Nishlesh reached out to BLEK as a ‘fan’ to talk about working on their album.

“I loved their music and I wanted to make a music video with an Indian indie artist for my graduation project. So, I called Rishi through a friend and pitched the project to them and they were in on it immediately!” says the young artist.

Nishlesh was always inclined towards drawing, doodling and making flipbooks through his years at school. Little did he know that he was animating! Towards the end of his high school, he realised design was where his talent lay and pursued it then on whole heartedly.

“Drawing was always a hobby but the moment I realised these drawings could move and come alive to make an entire world of your own, it triggered me in a big way,” says Nishlesh talking about what inspired him to pursue design and animation.

Talking about his support network says Nishlesh, “I owe my college – NID, credit, not just for the talent I found within myself or the skills I developed, but more importantly for teaching me the importance of pausing and thinking in today’s world. The development of my work and skill happened equally through the magical help of my seniors, batchmates and juniors!”

After Nishlesh’s work on Break the Beat, he has been working on Wasting Away – an animated music video collaboration project between BLEK and himself. The work has been going on for almost a year now and the band seems to have clicked well with Nishlesh and his design sensibilities.


The video features BLEK’s original ‘Wasting Away’ which is a song about the self-destructive behaviour we all indulge in. Each frame in the video is hand-drawn and making an animated video of this nature requires more than just skill sets, hardwork and ideas. If you’re wondering what we mean, watch Blek and Nishlesh tell you all about it.

Our tip- This is the kind of talent that not only deserves your eyes, ears and ‘wows.’ They DESERVE our help to complete this project independently, which you can do here. 

More power to you, Nishlesh! His complete work here. 


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