An Insightful Day 2 At SRCC's Business Conclave '17 -


An Insightful Day 2 At SRCC’s Business Conclave ’17

Because of such an amazing event and line of speakers on Day 1, expectations of the audience was very high and what SRCC’s Business Conclave provided us with was even more than what we expected. The excitement of the crowd could be measured by the fact that the whole auditorium was full, and some people even stood for a long time to listen to the speakers.

The event started with the very successful chairman and CEO of Nestle, Mr. Suresh Narayanan. Mr. Narayanan started by reviving his memories as a student at SRCC. Nestle is one of the brands which was created to serve the society. He even talked about the theme and emotions we see in the nestle advertisements that perfectly compliment the thinking that the company has towards the society.


The next speaker of the day was Mr. Markandey Katju, the former chairman of the Press Council of India. Mr. Katju is famous for speaking the truth- he will speak the truth even if it means having to make a controversial statement, and this nature could be clearly seen in his speech. He expressed his feelings on many topics- from the caste system in politics to poverty, from how one should to focus on domestic markets for business to  education, the gap between the rich and poor, and recession. The thing that impressed the audience the most was how he wished India and Pakistan to become one entity again.


After Markandey Katju’s fascinating words, it was time for the Panel Discussion. This time we had Ms. Payal Koul, Vice President of invest India, Mr. Sambit Patra, National spokesperson of BJP, and Mr. Pronab Sen Country Director, IGC. The topic of discussion was the current affairs going on in the country as well as the India-US relations and it proved to be very knowledgeable for the audience and also provided a deep insight of demonetisation and how the FDI is growing in India.


With the end of the Panel discussion, we reached the most awaited spokesperson of the day i.e. one of the very few non playing cricket commentator and journalist Mr. Harsha Bhogle, an IIM-A pass out choosing a career out of his field. Mr. Bhogle in his humorous and motivational tone talked about his life and the role of his wife in his success. He explained to the audience how there is always more to do than you think you can.

Mr. Harsha Bhogle’s session had some really touching statements, one of them was “Now the ones who had played are the commentators, if this trend continues the world may lose some amazing story tellers.”


Day 2 of SRCC’s Business Conclave ended on a great note with a  smile on everyone’s face because of the sweet and humorous nature of Mr. Bhogle, and at the same time they gained the motivation of speaking the truth while not caring about what the world thinks of you from the words of Mr. Katju.

Written by Anjana Saini.

Edited by the Editorial Team.