International Films & More at Thakur College's Cortokino -


International Films & More at Thakur College’s Cortokino

Thakur College’s Cortokino ’17 was one amazing festival. With a number of out-of-the-box events and numerous super talented students, this fest was truly one of a kind. And if you missed out on all the fun, don’t worry, cause that’s what we are here for! Check out the highlights of Cortokino’s Day 1 right here:

Event #1: The CortoKino Event

The very first event of the day was The CortoKino Event which showcased short movies by International participants.

The event began with a special screening of “Five Sketches” written & directed by Rajas Paranjpe in which Chitra, a 10yr old girl and a 2-time national award winning sketching artist is on a mission to make best 5 sketches from a recent road trip with her parents. This road trip turns out to be an eye-opener for her parents as they are exposed to the reality behind their daughter’s extra-ordinary talent which is out of the world, literally! Luckily, the audience also got the chance to meet Madhura Sane who played the role of 10 year old Chitra.


The movies in the contest were very different in terms of genre, cinematography and concepts.  Animated short movies like Scraps, Valor Cat and Rumour were loved by the audience. Other movies included Missing, Jammer, Deux Dollars, By The Shore, Copycat and Embezzler.

Deux Dollars was one of the most praised short movies in the event. Being a short movie based on comedy it seemed to hold the audience till the end. The movie revolved around an unlucky woman who doesn’t contribute her share of 2$ to buy weekly lottery ticket with her colleagues. And unfortunately, she is therefore not a shareholder of the jackpot prize.

This Cortokino event witnessed the presence of Monisha Bandana, winner of the best editor Flimflare award for Neerja, famous TV actress Sonia Balani and 2-time National Award winner, Sankalp Mehshram.

Sankalp Meshram took no time in noticing some scope of improvement within the technical field of the event to which organizers responded positively.

The winners of this event were Einmanual Corrone for Duex Dollars (France), Kazi Muntasir for Missing (Bangladesh) and Sjoerd De Bont for Jammer (Netherlands).


Highlights of the rest of the events here.

Written by Saurav Kumar.

Edited by the Editorial Team.