An Internship Fair, Exciting Games & Much More At Kirori Mal College's Levitate -


An Internship Fair, Exciting Games & Much More At Kirori Mal College’s Levitate

Kick starting on the 20th of February, Kirori Mal College’s Corporate Fest, Levitate, promises to be a blend of fun and learning, combined in a unique manner. So, after we told you the 3 must-knows, here’s what you should expect at this two-day festival:

The Speakers

There are going to be numerous speakers who will provide motivation to the budding entrepreneurs. They will guide you through the difficulties that you will or already must be facing in this particular industry. They have an entire event- Ignited Entrepreneurs- dedicated to inspire the entrepreneurial geniuses. So don’t miss out on all the valuable knowledge that you will gain from these esteemed personalities.


Learning Opportunities

Levitate also offers you tremendous learning opportunities in EIS and the Internship Fair. The Internship Extravaganza is a platform for students to enhance their CV with hands-on experience with reputed companies with an option invitation to all. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your dream internship!


The Games

They have various fun-filled plus intellectual activities for the aspiring entrepreneurs who have unique and out-of-the-box ideas and creations. They have 3 games- Beg Borrow Steal, wherein the mischievous and witty can finally get their dreamscape entertainment; Suit-up, A mock drive designed to give a preview of the nerve-wracking placements; and the Corporate Quiz, for those who have what it takes to crack a brainstorming quiz! And what’s more? There are a lot of attractive prizes to be won too!


So, join Kirori Mal College in this celebration of the youth’s potential for excellence and leadership! We’ll see you there.


By the Editorial Team.