This Week on IVM - Apache Indian, Bollywood's 'Bad Man' and More! -


This Week on IVM – Apache Indian, Bollywood’s ‘Bad Man’ and More!

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This week, we are bringing you one of the biggest indipop stars who graced our TV screens when music channels were just kicking off in India on our flagship indie music show, Maed in India; the bad man of Bollywood takes his cake and eats it too on the finale episode of Bollywood Scene Stealers; the inimitable Cyrus Broacha chats to Punit a comic and the founder of Chalta Hai Comedy; Wonder Woman takes centrestage on our uber nerdy podcast, Geek Fruit. And this is just starters.

Maed in India Ep.104 – Apache Indian

It’s India’s first indie music podcast hosted by Mae Thomas.
On this episode, Mae chats to Steven Kapur, known by most as Apache Indian. In India on tour for his latest album In JA, we talk about how he started, his connection to reggae, his biggest hits like Boom Shak a Lak, Chok There, Arranged Marriage, how he’s a socially conscious artist and of course, you get to hear him perform too!

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Listen to Maed in India here.

Bollywood Scene Stealers Ep.10 – Gulshan Grover

Every week veteran film journalist Indu Mirani puts a stalwart character actor in the spotlight to better understand what makes them so good at what they do.
On this very special season finale, we’ve got the ‘Bad Man’ himself, Gulshan Grover!
The veteran actor has been in the Indian Film Industry for 32 years and he continues to do great work with energy and also a willingness to change with the times. He chats with Indu Mirani about being a perfectionist, a single father and his plans for the future.

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Listen to Bollywood Scene Stealers here.

Cyrus Says Ep.173 – Punit Pania

A definitive interview show where Cyrus Broacha talks about life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.
Punit Pania, comedian and founder of Chalta Hai Comedy, talks about how he had trouble dating girls while pursuing BSC, the time he got swindled by a book publisher, the first wave of comedians from Mumbai and what his experience was like doing an open mic alongside poets at the Prithvi theatre.

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Listen to Cyrus Says here.

Geek Fruit Ep.75 – Diana, Warrior Princess

A show that unites estranged geeks from across India as they attempt spending too much time talking about the wonderful world of science-fiction, fantasy and pop culture across movies, television, comic books and video games.
Wonder Woman is a win for DC, but it’s got issues too. Special guests Mae and Navin join Tejas and Dinkar to discuss what they loved and what they could have done without.

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Listen to Geek Fruit here.

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