This Week On IVM: Cricket, Instamojo, & More

From India’s biggest podcasting network, IVM Podcasts brings you a dose of great talk for your ears only. This week, cricketer, Jemimah Rodrigues is featured on Cyrus Says, Shunya One features Akash Gehani, Co-founder, Instamojo, while Darshil S talks about his life as a gay man in Australia and lots more on Keeping it Queer. Also lined up, is an episode of Akancha Against Harassment about dealing with revenge porn.


Cyrus Says: Ep. 247 – Feat. Cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues

It’s a definitive show where the inimitable Cyrus Broacha talks about life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.


This week, Cyrus speaks to Jemimah Rodrigues, the ace cricketer, who only at 17 years of age is representing India at the international level.

Listen to this episode here!


Shunya One: Ep. 44 – Akash Gehani: Building Instamojo / SMEs Online Growth / Scale of Payment Frauds

Hosted by entrepreneur Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya, Shunya One is a roundtable discussion about all things tech in India.


On this episode of Shunya One, Akash Gehani, Co-founder, Instamojo talks about his journey with Instamojo and lots more.

Listen to the episode here.


Keeping it Queer: S02 Ep 06 – Darshil

A show hosted by comedian Navin Noronha, welcomes members from the LGBT community who are out and proud and covers how their lives evolved as a queer individual in the Indian context.


This week host, Navin talks to Darshil S, a young chef who has been actively involved in organizing the Mr Gay World India pageant. He opens up about what’s it like living as a gay Desi man in Australia and how exploring sexual fetishes can help make the world a better place.

Listen to the episode here.


Akancha Against Harassment: Ep. 20 – Battling Revenge Porn

Entrepreneur and branding consultant Akancha Srivastava, discusses cyber crimes and how to make the internet a safe place.


Are you worried that an ex partner will post or share intimate videos of you online? Akancha Srivastava explains how consent to shoot does not entail consent to share.  

Listen to the episode here!


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