This Week on IVM: Ziro Music Festival, Boredom & More! -


This Week on IVM: Ziro Music Festival, Boredom & More!

From India’s biggest podcasting network, IVM Podcasts brings you a dose of great talk for your ears only. This week on Cyrus Says we have two funny women Sonali Thakker and Pavitra Shetty while Simblified talks about the psychology behind boredom and we help you plan a trip to the Ziro Music Festival on The Rediscovery Podcast. Also, lined up is an episode of the Geek Fruit where the address the age old question – Are books better than their movies?

Cyrus Says: Ep. 185 – Sonali Thakker and Pavitra Shetty

It’s a definitive show where the inimitable Cyrus Broacha talks about life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.

Cyrus Says

On this episode of Cyrus Says, we meet two really funny women, Pavitra Shetty who talks about her crush on her OLA driver and Sonali Thakker’s love for elaichi bananas and lots, lots more.

Listen to Cyrus Says here.

Simblified Ep. 63: Are you bored?

A show that exists to break down the things happening around us into language you will understand, so that you can appear smarter to people around you. Hosted by Deepak (Chuck) Gopalakrishnan, Srikeit Tadepalli & Narendra Shenoy.


Are you just bored (hopefully not after listening to this show)? Well, there’s science for that. In this episode, Chuck and Naren explore the psychology of being bored and our creative thought processes.

Listen to Simblified here.

The Rediscovery Podcast Ep. 6 – Your guide to Ziro

Ambika Vishwanath and Hoshner Reporter take us through highlights of their travel of over 15000 kilometres, 13 states, and everything in between.

Just as the Ziro Music Festival is coming up in September, travel geniuses and hosts Ambika and Hoshner help listeners plan an ideal trip to Ziro Valley, a beautiful corner of the country, along with a very special guest.

Listen to the Rediscovery Podcast here.

Geek Fruit Ep. 83: The Book was Better

A show that unites estranged geeks from across India as they talk about character dynamics, story arcs and unique concepts in the world of science-fiction, fantasy and pop culture.


On this week’s episode, Jishnu and Tejas are joined by producer Navin Noronha to discuss about how some of their favourite nerdy franchises have fared after being adapted to screen.

Listen to Geek Fruit here.

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