This Week on IVM: Budget Travelling & Graphic India -


This Week on IVM: Budget Travelling & Graphic India

From India’s biggest podcasting network, IVM Podcasts brings you a dose of great talk for your ears only. This week, they have a brand new show called Anything But Bollywood, the second season of the travel show, The Rediscovery Podcast and the boys discuss comics and more on Geek Fruit. Also, lined up, an episode of IVM Likes that’s all about podcasts!

Check it out!

Anything But Bollywood: Ep 1 – Q

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Every week, Neha RT sits down to talk to some of India’s best creators and filmmakers about art, cinema, inspiration and pretty much anything but Bollywood!

In this first episode of Anything But Bollywood, Neha talks to indie director and producer Q, renowned for his films Gandu, Tasher Desh and Brahman Naman.

Listen to Anything But Bollywood here.

The Rediscovery Podcast: S02E01 – How to Travel on Rs 2500 a Day

Political analyst Ambika Vishwanath and corporate executive Hoshner Reporter quit their day jobs in 2015 and set out on a journey to explore India.

On the first episode of Season 2, they are answering that big question; how do you afford to travel so much? Traveling around India on a small budget only through public transport is not only really cost effective, but also opens up a whole new side to the country with all its madness and adventure.

Listen to The Rediscovery Podcast here.

Geek Fruit: Ep 78 – Tale of Graphic India

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They spend way too much time discussing minuscule facts, character dynamics, story arcs and unique concepts in the wonderful world of science-fiction and overall nerd culture.

Dinkar and Tejas take a deeper look into Indian comic book company Graphic India. They analyze the company’s origin story, as well as discuss their own stories and characters like Devi, Avatarex, Chakra and Grant Morrison’s 18 days.

Listen to Geek Fruit here.

IVM Likes Ep. #24: Art on Trial

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Every week, the staff of IVM podcasts as well as their friends come together to tell you about stuff they like – a movie, a tv show, a book and other stuff.

This week’s episode of IVM Likes is all about podcasts. Join Mae, Amit and Sharanya as they talk about what got them listening to podcasts, what were some of the earliest podcasts they listened to and recommend some of their current favourite podcasts. (We even throw in some of our own IVM shows,  because why not?)

Listen to IVM Likes here.


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