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Jai Hind College’s Detour Committee Organises Beach Clean-Up Activity

Jai Hind College’s BMM Department is known for conducting activities that are out-of-the-box as well as those that help the society in some way or the other.

This year, the committee of their annual fest ‘Detour’ organized a beach clean-up activity after the Ganpati Visarjan on the 5th of September.

“We feel that more than anything it is necessary to give back to society, as well as our environment, that is why this CSR activity is very close to our hearts.” said Charmi Shah, the Vice- Chairperson of Detour.


100 volunteers from the BMM department went to Girgaum Chowpatty and worked side by side with other students and NGOs that were present there for the cause.

“Seeing so many people helping out really inspires a sense of community among all of us present.” Said Satvik Bhatt, Chairperson of Detour.


The beach clean-up was an initiative that started two years ago, and due to the success and awareness generated it was strongly suggested by Dr. S. Varalaksmi, Head of the BMM Department at Jai Hind to be repeated again this year.

“This is a student endeavor of the BMM department. Along with cultural and extra-curricular activities, social sensitization is also very vital. It is an important lesson for the older generations to learn from today’s youth.” said Dr. S. Varalaksmi.

The committee of Detour plans to carry out as many CSR activities as they can before their fest begins on the 15th of December. So stay tuned with us because we will be bringing all the exciting updates right to your screen!