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‘Independence’- Jas Haria’s views on ‘India and Independence’

The ATKT.in Cypher is an exclusive community of some of our favourite artists and talent across categories of artforms. 

For the first theme of August, here’s the submission of Jas Haria from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College Mumbai, a member of the ATKT.in (Writers) Cypher on the topic – ‘India and Independence- what it means to you, personally in today’s day and age’.   


It’s been 70 years since we achieved freedom from the tyranny of the British rule in our country,

70 years since our young men and women had to fight battles for other countries and be forgotten,

70 years since our grains were diverted to a nation at war starving our own population,

70 years since we were beaten up and imprisoned for peacefully protesting against the British,

70 years since a general who open fired on a gathering of unarmed civilians was offered military recognition back in his own country,

70 years since our farmers were forced to grow the crop which earned the British the most profit,

70 years since soldiers who revolted against cartridges greased in cow and pig fat were hanged,

70 years since a foreign prime minister got away with claiming a whole nation to be full of ‘savages’,

70 years since a man had to march for 24 days to protest against unjust salt tax imposed by the British.


But are we really free?

Are we free to practice the religion of our choice, the way we like it without imposing it on others?

Are we free to eat the food we like, whether it be potato, beef or dog meat?

Are we free to dress the way we like without being harassed and ogled at?

Are we free to roam even our own neighbourhood at whatever time of the day or night we choose?

Are our women free to make their own decisions irregardless of their age, religion or marital status?

Are we free to have to have consensual relationships with anyone irregardless of their gender?

Are we free to express our thoughts (not hate speech) even on our own social media handles?

Hell, are we even free to support the opposite team in an international cricket match?