JMC’s Echo Shines on Day 1 at Venky’s Nexus -


JMC’s Echo Shines on Day 1 at Venky’s Nexus

Sri Venkateswara College’s annual festival, Nexus kick started today. Day 1 saw a host of super talent- in folk dance, choreography and classical solo dance in the dance sector, English and hindi poem recitation in the literary events as well as the Western Solo and Western Acapella Music events.

The campus was seen buzzing in every corner- with students rehearsing and practicing in full glory, ready to face their friends who turned into competitors on stage. The Western Acapella event, held in the Seminar Room saw a packed audience- of friends cheering and hooting, trying to kill the sound that carried from the Folk Dance stage. While every group that went up- from SRCC’s Catharsis to Janaki Devi Memorial College’s Euphonie was brilliant in their own ways, a few groups stood out more than the others. Kirori Mal College’s Musoc did a fantastic job and even received a ‘special mention from the judges’, as did Gargi College’s Euphony that had our familiar rockstars- Isha and Apoorva.

However, when this all-girl group from Jesus and Mary College’s Echo went up on stage, everyone knew they had swooped the trophy for themselves. These girls displayed perfect synchronization and harmony, not touching even a single wrong note. Their piece was fresh, melodious, well-balanced, even feet-tapping and definitely displayed a great amount of talent.

If you’re wondering what you ever did wrong to have missed it, we were able to catch it Live and even got it covered for you. Here’s where you catch watch- don’t miss it. You’ll definitely regret it!

Even though we were unable to get today’s brilliant performance on our big cameras, we thought of sharing with you some magic we caught at IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay’s festivals.

When Echo took to the stage at IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous they made sure they left everyone mesmerized- much like today. See what we mean!

The extremely hard-working and talented President of the society, Tyesha Kohli performed solo at Mood Indigo and gave us one of our everyday favourite videos. Watch:

Gurpreet Kaur, the Vice-President of the society makes a strong point- They’re talented, and they’re ALL talented. Here’s why we say so!

Jesus and Mary College’s Music Society, Echo has jumped leaps and miles this year with every performance being better than their last. These girls have shown tremendous talent and we couldn’t have been happier to have crossed their paths.

By the Editorial Team