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‘Keep On Dancing’ Organises Workshop With International Artists

Keep On Dancing (KOD), an international competition of much renown, held its India Qualifiers in Delhi on the 1st of July. However, a day before this competition was to take place, the organisers decided to do something special for the dance community in Delhi which had treated them so kindly and hosted a dance workshop.

Organised at Saraswati Music College on the 30th of June where the judges engaged with many young Indian dancers and instructed them in locking, popping, breaking and hip hop, the workshop was nothing less than a sight for sore eyes. The instructors for the workshop were no other than the KOD India Qualifier judges: esteemed gentlemen well known in their community for their devotion to their art forms- Bboy Yoshi from and Kyogo from Japan, Locking Jay from China and Popping DS from South Korea.


It was inevitable that a large number of students and dancers would be interested in the workshop and it was of no surprise seeing the venue choked at the day. This was also expected considering that the cost of entry for this workshop was kept ridiculously low on purpose, keeping in mind that the organisers, all passionate dancers themselves, knew that instruction by such esteemed artists was an incredibly rare opportunity that they did not wish to deprive anyone of just due to the lack of cash on hand.


While pulling off a big operation like this involving so many people, problems are expected with the assumption being that the language barrier between the instructors and the students would cause chaos and discomfort. It was pleasantly remarkable to note, however, that the entire event went off without a single hitch. The instructors and the students certainly did not share a common language, but they seemed to understand each other very well as the two groups bonded over their shared passion for dance. To see people from different worlds connect so easily over their shared love for dance was joyous to behold and we’re most certain that the judges took back positive impressions of our country and our people home with them.

Written by Karan Kimothi

For the ATKT.in Editorial Team.