Kenny Sebastian At ICT Manzar’s Comedy Night

As the sound systems were being tested, the student organisers rushed around, making final preparations- counting and recounting the number of seats, stocking up water supplies and educating student volunteers on their duties. They were trying to make the best use of the calm before the storm. The storm of two and a half thousand people, eagerly waiting to witness the first ever Comedy Night hosted at Institute of Chemical Technology’s (ICT) Manzar ‘17.

It was a little over six when the gates were opened. The would-be audience was escorted by the volunteers through the campus towards the ground, with a stage set up on one end and food stalls on the other. It would be an hour before anyone came up on the stage, more than enough time for the spectators to enjoy their pizzas and tacos.


The excitement of the crowd hit new highs when their host for the evening, Rohan, finally greeted them. Aware of the eagerness of the crowd he wasted no time in introducing the opening act.

“My name is Rahul and I’m not a Gandhi”, said the 29 year old stand-up comic Rahul Subramanian while introducing himself. “My jokes are intentional,” he followed up.

He confessed he didn’t know much about chemicals (a bold move inside the campus) but was a big fan of Breaking Bad, as if it settled the matter. He went on to entertain the crowd with the stories of annoying relatives in his marriage, rude SpiceJet airhostesses and birthday parties, using a lot of ‘Pappu’ since he was asked not to use the f-word.


The act ended on a high as he introduced the second act for the evening, the one and only, Kenneth Sebastian! The “cutishly funny” (as described by an audience member) comic talked to the mostly below 20 audience about the cons of turning 26 -paying rents and managing house maids. But the audience knew very well that any show of Kenny is incomplete without his guitar. Kenny went from feeling out of place at ICT (as he has a degree in painting) to feeling accepted by the audience as they helped him compose a song, for a water-bottle (no, seriously).


All in all, the Comedy Night was a very impressive event and all the credit belongs to the student organisers and volunteers of ICT Manzar. Having set the bar too high this year, it’ll be interesting to see what ICT Manzar comes up with next year!

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Written by Jas Haria.

Edited by the Editorial Team.