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Everything You Need To Know About Kirori Mal’s Sensation

College Dance Societies are like closely knit families- they instil love, confidence & respect in one and other, working towards becoming better & achieving more with every passing year.

One such society is Kirori Mal College’s Sensation. Known for its unique themes & absolutely breathtaking dances, we were curious to know more about how their society works. So, we spoke to one of their members, Aanchal Semwal, & this is what we found out about the society that is filled with super talented dancers.

Even though the society was given the name in 2000 & had started hiring choreographers in 2005, it was only established as a recognized society in the year 2009. It was formed through the mutual effort of the choreography group headed by Tarun Devrani and the western group headed by Mansi Bahuguna, with the assistance of staff advisor Mrs. Benu Gupta.


Every year, the society takes in a fresh batch of talented and passionate dancers. The society’s recruitment process is carried out in two phases- first, the candidates have to register themselves, & then they have to prepare a one minute dance sequence on a dance form of their choice, where they are judged on dance style, expression, movement & creativity. After the society shortlists the candidates, they then proceed to the next round, which is the Workshop round. There, they are taught a piece of choreography to see whether they can adapt to new dance forms. And that is how the new batch of dancers are given entry into this prestigious society of their college.

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This brilliant society’s love for dance urges them to perform in as many college festivals as they can. They participated in 18 competitions last year- Mood Indigo, Nexus, Mecca, Crossroads, and more! Their team members also participate in solo and duet dance events at various college fests.

Choreography Society Productions involve theme based dance sequences, where the themes range from social issues, mythology, fictional stories and more. Last year, Sensation’s annual production theme was ‘Buddhism’. It was an experimental, contemporary take inspired from the life and principles of the Great Buddha; showcasing the lost significance of these values in the present day scenario.

Watch this flawless & mesmerising performance at Mood Indigo:

Some of their previous productions were – Apes of Oblivion, Homosexuality, Inside Us & Molestation.

They give credit for their success to their choreographers of their Choreo Team- Rahul Goswami & Rishabh Negi, who are both great visionaries and of course, exceptional dancers! Their staff advisor Mrs. Karuna Shree too, has been a guiding light for them throughout the year. Kirori Mal provides them with funds to execute all the society work, including their outstation trips.

The head of the society is chosen by means of elections in which all the members of the team participate. Last year their President was Saurav Prasad, who was both a mentor and a friend to the crew.


Talking about their secret to success as a team, this is what she had to say,

Sensation has seen phenomenal success this year and the sole reason for this feat is teamwork. The love for dance as well as for each other binds us together. We never realised how in between those hard hitting practice sessions and competitions all of us became a family.

This mind-blowingly talented society has produced many notable artists- Mahesh Sir & Anju Ma’am of Boogie Woogie fame, Manju Sharma, Dance India Dance Top 10 contestant, Sudhir Sharma, India’s Got Talent contestant, & many more!

Sensation was also invited by the Kala Ghoda Association to perform at their famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai, which is one of India’s most renowned cultural and art festivals. This proposal was put to them when they secured the 3rd position at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo.


Lastly, when asked if they consider any of the other college societies as their rivals, she said

All the societies of the Delhi University dance circuit have a healthy competition amongst themselves which is essential for progress. Participating in so many competitions together has made all of us understand each other’s worries and we try to help each other out in times of need.

With Sensation putting up some spectacular performances year after year, we can’t wait to watch them set the stage on fire next year!


By the ATKT.in Editorial Team.