Have You Heard The Local Train’s New Single ‘Khudi’ Yet?

Only if you’re living under a rock, would you have not heard of The Local Train (TLT). This Delhi-based rock band has brought a fresh change in the current music setup of our country w their signature music that resonates with the voice of the Indian youth- honest and with a strong conviction.

The band comprising Raman Negi as lead vocalist on the acoustic guitar, Sahil Sarin on the drums & percussion, Paras Thakur as the lead guitarist and Ramit Mehra on the bass guitar, released their debut album ‘Aalas Ka Pedh’ in 2015; which went on to become one of the highest selling independent albums and was featured amongst the ‘Most Streamed Albums’ on Apple music.

The single ‘Aaoge Tum Kabhi’ from this album was featured in the award winning movie ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’.


The Band’s YouTube Channel has become one of the fastest growing channels among independent artists in the country. Their performances at major festivals and venues across the country have now built a huge and faithful fan base for their live as well as online music. For those of you who follow their music religiously must already know that they recently released their much awaited single – Khudi.

“The song captures the daily struggles that we all face in our lives, while in search of our true calling. The story is about each one of us, who is determined to fight all circumstances and realise the dreams, which had got lost in time.

While the struggle is real and unique for every individual, the internal turmoil is an inherent part of the process. Every individual who fights for his dreams has to ultimately carve out his own path, to understand himself and the values that define him the best,” say the band members about Khudi.

Take a look at the song’s video:

This fantastic band that was adjudged as the number one rock act in the country in 2015 by Sennheiser, is all set to come up with more singles followed by their second album release in September this year after which, they will be heading for a country-wide tour.

Our tip: Make sure you keep tabs on The Local Train because they sure have some super interesting things lined up; and of course we will be bringing all their latest developments to you, so stay tuned!


By the Editorial Team.