The Local Train on Their Odyssey Gig & Other Things -


The Local Train on Their Odyssey Gig & Other Things

Who are we kidding? Everyone knows IIIT Delhi’s annual cultural festival Odyssey kicked in today and brought with it a roster of fun-filled events and competitions. The students of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology have been working extremely hard, day and night to make this festival come to life and it’s finally here!

While there are a number of spectacular college artists performing and making their respective colleges proud during the first half of the festival, the second half of the day is always most exciting! For the bangin star night tomorrow at Odyssey, you can expect to watch Delhi’s rock band, The Local Train perform live and take you on one hell of a memorable journey. If you’re wondering what’s going down, here’s a sneak peek:

The Local Train, comprising  Ramit Mehra on the bass guitar & backing vocals,  Raman Negi as the lead vocalist on the acoustic guitar,  Sahil Sarin on the drums, percussion & backing vocals and Paras Thakur as the lead guitarist & backing vocals takes to IIIT Delhi’s Odyssey stage tomorrow, the 25th of March and here’s why you mustn’t miss out.

Oh we wish there was an interesting story behind our christening but there isn’t. Before the band name, came the music. We recorded a demo of a song and wanted to upload it to Myspace and that’s when we took 5 minutes to think up of a random name. The Local Train didn’t sound all that bad to us then. The song was called “Choo Lo” and it went viral in the college circuit. We started getting calls for shows and since then we’ve been happily stuck with the name. 2011 is when we really got serious about it and the four of us have been staying together since then,” say the band members talking about their origin and band name.

Ever since they became a band, new influences, new sounds and the band members’ never ending curiosity continuously puts new ideas in their heads. They’ve been experimenting a lot with electronic sounds and since they’re a live rock band, they’ll always be a guitar driven band but that isn’t a restriction of any sort. It’s just their go to instrument to resolve an idea and they believe they are learning everyday- which will never stop.


With time and a better understanding of compositions, the young artists are learning to resolve ideas in any way possible. They believe their second album is going to be a very big leap musically. They’ve already played a few singles live and while one song is in the EDM space, the other is somewhat along the lines of a folk rock song.

“We’re not afraid to experiment, making a good song is the priority now,” they say.

Unlike a lot of the bands that are formed in colleges these days, the four members of The Local Train met each other only because of music. They connected at base ideology instantly and the things that make them think and tick began to make up their music. What makes their relationship interesting is that they have all different tastes in music and listen to different artists, which is constantly a source of inspiration – in some way or the other.

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“We wish there was a set pattern to our sessions! Living together certainly helps and we can jam at any time of the day, when we are not touring. So, in the middle of the night Negi can wake you up with a guitar and say ‘let’s work on this song, I’m stuck here.’ We bounce ideas off each other in real time. One guy records a scratch and everybody else’s opinion is right next door.
Sometimes a song begins as a vocal melody and sometimes a guitar riff. There’s been instances when a drum groove has changed the mood of the entire song and we had to restructure the song cause we found this direction more interesting. One good thing we do is that we record all our scratches and keep them online. Half of them are our jams recorded on a mobile phone!” they say.

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At IIIT Delhi’s Odyssey tomorrow, The Local Train will be playing all the songs from Aalas Ka Pedh, their debut album and a couple of new covers.

“The students at IIIT Delhi have worked day in and day out to make this show a success and we don’t take it for granted and hopefully we won’t disappoint. 🙂 We have an exciting line-up of songs and have just one thing to say- Come be a part of the show!”


From Our Conversation with The Local Train
By the Editorial Team