Meet Anmol Shukla- The Next Big Laugh Riot -


Meet Anmol Shukla- The Next Big Laugh Riot

Week after week, a young talent from Indian colleges across the country is recognised as’s Talent of the Week. One thing that’s common in colleges, festivals and even campuses across the country is the presence of diverse, varied, stand-out talent that deserves as much recognition as it can get—and that’s what #TOTW aims to do.

After watching some blockbuster, award-winning performances from Lisa Mo & Co. from H.R. College, Bombay and the Delhi Music Prodigy- Sumer Bhatia, we’re back this week with not just another fresh face but also a fresh category of talent- Stand Up Comedy!

Meet Anmol Shukla, third year student at Delhi Technological University (DTU) who ensured even the cameramen recording him fell of their chairs laughing through his set at Rendezvous, the cultural festival of IIT- Delhi. Without further ado, here’s his performance on ‘What Lazy People Do’ and A WHOLE LOT of other hilarious things!

Anmol started performing standup comedy to act as a filler at his own college festival when he was in his First Year. After receiving an unexpectedly overwhelming reaction from the audience, he realized his flair for the art form and began participating in open mics and standup competitions.

“I have always though laughter is the best medicine. I laugh a lot myself, sometimes even during the most serious of situations, which often lands me in trouble but I feel that making someone laugh is truly one of the best talents to have,” says the star laugh-riot.

Anmol has proved himself in the standup space, having bagged the winners position at IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous with this act and even completing Runners-Up in the NDTV Show- Rising Stars of Comedy 2016. The recognition and appreciation he receives inspires him to go an extra mile and is almost like a reassurance that he is on the right track.

An aspiring professional standup comic, Anmol makes sure he takes out time while studying to perform and practice his skills. He is also a founding member of the Standup comedy collective ‘Wannabe Idiot Techies’ through which his team members and he perform at college festivals.

Catch Anmol live or on online, but make sure you do—it’ll definitely be worth it and if you’re still not done, here are some of the best standup comedy acts we managed to catch. Make sure you catch ’em too!

By the Editorial Team