Meet This Extraordinary Christ University Poet! -


Meet This Extraordinary Christ University Poet!

Every week we strive to bring you nothing but the best of college talent. This week too, we’re going to do exactly that. Last week we told you the story of Rajlaxmi and her Chhoti Dadi, and this week we bring you Jagriti and her English Honours.

Born and raised in Jodhpur, this 18 year old student of Christ University, Bangalore, always liked poetry. From a very young age Jagriti did show that keen interest but like the rest of us, stage fright got to her. Growing up she did write poetry but it was that one special course she took in college that got her into performing. In her second year of college, Jagriti came across a certificate course for Slam Poetry; since the class was going to be conducted by her favorite teacher, she signed up for it right away. This course introduced her not just the art form but also her peers that were associated with it. It gave her the confidence and the poise to perform.


Jagriti’s first public performance was in her college itself. It was in front of a roomful of people from her own college. Bharath Divakar from the Airplane Poetry Movement too was there. He was there to conduct a guest lecture on slam poetry. Looking back to this memory, Jagriti says:

“I performed two of my poems, and my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. I still have a long way to go, but at least I have a little more confidence than I did back then.”

Speaking about her drive and inspirations, she gives sole credit to her academic background. Being an English Literature student, she was always very much inclined to writing, but when it came to poetry, the scene was slightly different. She says

“[Writing poetry] would’ve been a bizzare idea to me two years ago.”

Jagriti has performed at various college festivals such as FLAME Kurukshetra. She has also performed at her own college events. She says she is open to doing open mics and is rather looking forward to performing at various venues.

If I were you, I’d watch out for this one, I would.

By the Editorial Team